Start with a comprehensive wellbeing assessment and a personalised PAAR program to boost your health, energy and overall wellbeing.


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  • This program is ideal for those who would like to optimise their general wellbeing through healthy nutrition and lifestyle choices.


    Following a thorough assessment you will receive a personalised health plan and consult with our experts on how to best implement it. This is your entry to PAAR journey. You may choose to upgrade to PAAR Vitality or PAAR Longevity afterwards.


    All assessments can be completed in our centre or remotely. If you chose the remote option your tests will be delivered  to your home where you can provide us the samples at your convenience.


    • Biofeedback Scan (UK only)

    • Vitamin & Nutrient Deficiency Blood Test

    • Essential Mineral Balance & Heavy Metal Toxicity Test

    • Food Intolerance Test

    • Wellbeing Dimensions Questionnaire


    • General Health

    • Nutritional

    • Mind & Emotional Health

    • Posture & Movement