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Bio-resonance method uses frequencies from your body to identify imbalances that lead to illness and disease. It scans your hair sample to detect issues that may be present within your body. During the analysis scan, we check for energetic imbalances including:

  • ​Levels of vitamins, minerals, trace elements to identify your anti-oxidant and supplement requirements
  • Presence of bacteria, viruses and parasites
  • Acupuncture meridians and chakras
  • Analysis of the body's pH balance

Once the Bioresonance Analysis Scan is complete, our experienced practitioners will meticulously interpret the results provided in your personalized Bioresonance Report. Collaborating with our panel of experts, they will craft tailored recommendations for you based on your Bioresonance results and your responses to a comprehensive well-being questionnaire.


Your purchase doesn't stop at the report; it includes a holistic approach to your well-being. You'll receive a comprehensive well-being assessment, an online questionnaire to understand your unique health concerns, a personalized report with recommendations, and a 30-minute consultation with one of our PAAR experts.


Bioresonance Testing

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