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The in-person and online workshops, and PAAR retreats both aim to help each participant develop a deeper understanding and passion for self-care, to stay younger for longer. Through informative seminars, workshops, assessments and sessions with our experts you will gain knowledge, tools and receive personalised advice to make informed choices about your vitality and longevity.


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Previous events

Webinar with Caroline Clarke:

Posture, movement and longevity

Facebook Live event | Thursday, 10th June | 12:00

Ageing is a complex physiological process influenced by many factors, some of which are modifiable. In addition to a healthy diet and mental wellbeing, regular exercise can contribute to the prevention of chronic diseases and the management of ageing process. We are talking to Caroline Clarke, Egoscue certified postural alignment specialist about the connection between posture, movement and longevity and how you can achieve your highest potential through a personalised exercise programme.

Holistic Wellness

Webinar with Charlène Bourliot:

Decluttering your mind

for vitality & longevity

Online event | Thursday, 15th April | 13:00

Attention has become probably one of our most valuable currency.

We are talking to Charlène Bourliot, PAAR’s ambassador and mind & emotional health expert about the importance of cleansing from an emotional and mental health perspective.

emotional health expert

Webinar with Gareth Edwards:

Plant based view on immunity

Online event | Thursday, 11th March | 12:30

Immunity has been the most popular topic since last year. As a result, many of us have searched the internet for “immune-boosting” foods, vitamin and mineral supplements. We are talking to Gareth Edwards, PAAR nutritional expert about the myths around immune “boosting”, how to stay healthy and the effect of plant based diets on immunity.

immunity boost

Mental Health Webinar

Online event  |  Monday, 8 February 20201  |  12:30

We have all been through unexpected and stressful moments since last year. Considering the continued lockdown in many countries around the world, it feels like this is a good time to pause and reflect on our mental health. We will be talking with Darya Haitoglu, an award-winning psychologist and systemic relationship coach, about the importance of our mental health, how stress, exercise and nutrition can affect it, and ways to cope with pandemic.

mental health webinar

Immunity Webinar

Online event, 14 July 2020


The immune system is the most important defence system we have for preventing or combating external pathogens such as viruses. Considering its regeneration rate and building blocks are vital. During this 1-hour webinar we look at what impacts your immunity from multiple angles (functional medicine, nutrition, mental and emotional health) and learn ways to restore and stimulate the body's natural defences to be in the best condition for defeating any threats to your health and wellbeing.

“ Good mix of speakers, lots of useful info.”


“ Very interesting and thought provoking,

thank you! ”

immunity webinar

Winter Retreat

Cliveden House Hotel, Maidenhead, UK, 25/26 January 2020

Longevity day to help each participant develop a deeper understanding and passion for self-care to stay younger for longer. Wellness is an active process of making choices towards a healthier and more fulfilling life. Throughout this day, knowledge, tools and personalised advice is given to support participants in making these choices.

Seminars | Longevity Assessments | Meditation & Yoga

Accommodation | Meals | Spa

“ Valuable knowledge delivered in a fantastic

venue and location.”

“ Great event and very informative, thank you!”

winter retreat

Longevity Forum

Istanbul, 15/16/17 January 2020

3-hour longevity forum to help each participant develop a deeper understanding of wellbeing and learn about how to stay younger for longer. Following the seminars there is an opportunity to talk to our experts, complete your own longevity assessments and receive personalised advice to make informed choices about your vitality and longevity.

Seminars | Longevity Assessments | Dinner

“ Making us think about longevity - it gave me lots to think about.

“ Exceptional event in a warm and casual environment.

Longevity forum

Corporate Longevity Day

London, 4 Oct 2019

2-hour educational seminar with top PAAR experts. Participants will develop a multi-dimensional view on longevity, learn about bio-individuality, healthy nutrition and practical elements of mindfulness. The seminar is followed by personalized assessments, and each participant will have the opportunity to talk to our experts and ask questions.

Seminar | Immunity, Vitality and Longevity Assessments

“ Very informative event with advice I can

easily implement.

“ Great corporate package with good value employee and management programs, and a seminar discussing relevant topics.

Corporate Longevity Day
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