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Ayse Kocak


Ayse is a global executive leader in healthcare industry.

She and her team are passionate about delivering personalised anti-aging and longevity programs by awakening our body's innate ability to regenerate, rejuvenate and heal itself. 

Ayse created PAAR to work with individuals who are in search of implementing lasting changes to improve their health, energy and vitality while transcending the set limits of longevity. 


For the past 28 years, she has taken roles as a senior executive in the pharmaceutical, biotech and medical aesthetics industries and led product developments and launches that help to change millions of lives. She started her professional life in Pfizer and undertook leadership roles and lived in almost all continents around the world.


Our Panel of Experts work holistically to help our clients develop the most accurate and personalised lifestyle recommendations to maximise their vitality and longevity. 

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