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Revitalize your well-being and purify your body with PAAR360's Basic Detox program. Dedicated to the essential process of detoxification, this comprehensive program offers personalized assessments and actionable recommendations to support your body's natural cleansing mechanisms.


Detoxification is crucial for overall health and vitality, as it helps rid the body of harmful toxins and heavy metals that can accumulate over time. Heavy metal accumulation poses significant health risks, including damage to vital organs, impaired immune function, and increased risk of chronic diseases. By addressing these potential risks through targeted assessments and expert guidance, the PAAR360 Basic Detox program empowers individuals to embark on a journey towards renewed health and vitality.


Through personalized PAAR plans encompassing holistic recommendations, individuals receive the support they need to optimize their detoxification process and enhance their overall well-being. Join us in embracing the transformative power of detoxification with PAAR360's Basic Detox program.


Basic Detox Program

Excluding VAT |
    • Online Wellbeing Assessment

    • Heavy Metal Toxicity & Mineral Balance Test

    • Food Intolerances Test

    • Nutritional Consultation 

    • Wellbeing Coaching

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