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Embark on an unparalleled 12-month journey towards profound health transformation and longevity with PAAR360's Ultimate Wellbeing & Longevity Program. This immersive program is meticulously designed to guide you through every facet of your wellness journey, ensuring a total transformation in your health and vitality. By providing comprehensive support and expert guidance, our program offers a holistic approach that addresses your unique needs and empowers you to achieve optimal well-being.

From the very first assessment to the final delivery of your personalized wellness plan, you'll experience unwavering support and guidance every step of the way, setting the stage for lasting health and vitality for years to come.


Month 1: Foundation Building

In the first month, lay the groundwork for your wellness journey with a series of comprehensive tests, including genetic predisposition analysis and assessments of gut health, heavy metal toxicity, and hormonal balance. Expert consultations in nutrition and well-being provide personalized insights and guidance to kickstart your transformational journey.

Month 2: Tailored Wellness Plan Initiation

Receive a personalized PAAR Plan based on your initial test results, crafted by our team of experts to address your unique health needs. Benefit from nutritional consultations, well-being coaching, and a medical consultation to ensure you are equipped with the tools and support necessary to embark on your wellness journey.

Months 3-4: Ongoing Support and Refinement

Continued support and refinement of your wellness plan are prioritized in months three and four. Receive additional consultations, refine your PAAR Plan, and engage in ongoing well-being coaching to ensure you are on track to achieve your health goals.

Months 5-6: Midpoint Assessments

At the midpoint of your journey, undergo essential assessments including gut microbiome testing and blood analysis to track your progress and make any necessary adjustments to your wellness plan. Engage in nutritional consultations and well-being coaching to optimize your results and maintain momentum towards your health goals.

Months 7-8: Continual Support and Guidance

Receive ongoing support and guidance from our team of experts, including nutritional consultations, well-being coaching, and medical consultations as needed. Ensure that you stay on track towards achieving your health and wellness objectives.

Months 9-10: Nearing the Finish Line

As you approach the end of your 12-month journey, receive personalized support and guidance to address any remaining health concerns and fine-tune your wellness plan. Engage in well-being coaching and nutritional consultations to ensure you are equipped with the tools and knowledge necessary to maintain your health and vitality long-term.

Months 11-12: Final Assessments and Delivery

Undergo final assessments, including blood tests, gut health analysis, and epigenetic age testing to evaluate your progress and overall health improvements. Receive comprehensive medical consultations, nutritional support, and well-being coaching as you finalize your wellness journey. Your personalized wellness plan will be delivered to ensure you have the resources and support necessary to maintain your newfound vitality beyond the program's completion.


Experience the ultimate in comprehensive health and wellness support with PAAR360's Ultimate Program. Transform your health, elevate your vitality, and embrace a life of holistic well-being today.


Ultimate Wellbeing & Longevity Program

Excluding VAT |
    • Online Wellbeing Assessment

    • Multidimensional Hormonal Health Test x2

    • Gut Microbiome & Cellular Health Test x2

    • Heavy Metal Toxicity & Mineral Balance Test x2

    • Food Intolerances Test x2

    • Genetic Predisposition to Diseases (includes ancestry info) x1

    • Genetic Skin Aging Test x1

    • Epigenetic § Biological Age Test x2

    • Medical Consultations x2

    • Nutritional Consultation x2

    • Wellbeing Coaching x 12

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