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What is Bioresonance?

A type of vibration therapy used in holistic medicine is bioresonance. The frequency of the energy wavelengths the body emits is measured by the bioresonance instrument. It is based on quantum physics and uses vibrational energy to assist the body in self-adjustment and eventually healing. It is based on a theory that Einstein developed more than a century ago, according to which matter is composed of energy frequencies. The cells that make up our bodies are made of billions of atoms that vibrate at particular frequencies to produce electromagnetic fields.

Groups of cells within an organ or system have distinctive multiple frequency patterns that work in harmony with the body as a whole. Some frequencies support health, others are harmful to health.

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The foundation of bioresonance is the hypothesis that DNA damage causes unhealthy cells or organs to emit altered electromagnetic waves. Bioresonance advocates contend that by detecting these waves, disease can be diagnosed and treated by resetting them to their normal frequency. Electrodes are applied to the skin and connected to a device that "reads" the energy wavelengths coming from the body in order to use bioresonance. This is the diagnostic process. The machine can then manipulate these energy frequencies to allow the body's cells to vibrate at their "natural frequency," ostensibly treating the condition.


Bioresonance treatments aim to rebalance and re-educate your body, including allergy and intolerance issues, gastro-intestinal disorders, smoking cessation, allergy treatment, fatigue, insomnia, and rheumatoid arthritis, among other things. One of the most common applications of Bioresonance is to treat the effects of toxins in the body. Even if you believe your body is 'out of tune,' Bioresonance can help.

Studies show...

The effectiveness of bioresonance method has attracted the attention of scientists for years and has been an important research area. There is strong evidence that supports the effectiveness of bioresonance. For example, Karakos et al. (2020) showed that %90 of the patients with symptoms mostly nasal (61.09%), followed by eye, respiratory, cutaneous, and gastrointestinal symptoms, either experienced no symptoms at all or experienced a significant improvement in their symptoms after receiving bioresonance treatment.

Is it safe? 

Bioresonance is one of today's most exciting and innovative complementary health therapies. It is non-invasive, painless, and suitable for people of all ages. On a daily basis, we are all exposed to disruptive frequencies from geopathic stress sources in the environment: digital devices, satellites, medical assessment procedures, airport security checks, and so on. Long-term exposure to these frequencies has been linked to a variety of illnesses such as mood disorders, blood diseases, digestive problems, cancer, and other chronic diseases.

Since the 1970s, practitioners and naturopaths have used bioresonance therapy in the medical field. It entails the use of a medical device that generates resonance frequencies that test for energy imbalances within the body, as well as harmonising signals between allergens and other stressors while improving communication between them.

Our Programs:

Body, mind & energy

Smoking Cessation

Bioresonance Smoking Cessation therapy can be defined as the removal of the frequency emitted by the addictive substance from the body.

The frequency (electromagnetic propagation) received from the substance (cigarette) is electronically inverted. The two frequencies, which are mirror images of each other, neutralize each other and are given back to the body as very low-level electromagnetic signals. Thus, the deletion is completed. Usually, a single session of 40-50 minutes is sufficient for this entire process. In practice, the person does not feel anything except relaxation and calming.

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After the session, the nicotine demand decreases significantly within 2 days.

After bioresonance therapy, it is known that the perceived pleasure of smoking disappear.

A single session is enough for 80% of people to quit smoking. However, the effects of therapies may differ from person to person.

To be able to increase these success rates even higher, our experts combine Bioresonance with hypnosis and sound healing during your session. In this way, benefits of the session is increase incrementally.

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Weight Balancing Sessions 

Weight balancing sessions aims to gain or lose weight according to the personal needs. In these sessions primary center point is appetite and the person's relationship with foods. Weight balancing sessions are key to enhancing a balanced and healthy relationship with food itself.

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Harmonizing your body, mind and soul is crucial to have a healthy life. These sessions with resonance therapies aim to balance and rearrange whatever is disturbing you, affecting your daily life, disrupting your body, mind, soul balance. 

The goal is to control, balance and regulate the symptoms that may be caused by the blockages that may occur in the energy flow in the body.

These sessions, which vary from person to person, last 10 to 15 sessions, with an average of 1 session per week, and an average of 1 hourshould be allocated for each session.

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Harmonizing Sessions 

Pain Relief  Sessions 

Pain, which is a way of expressing that there is a problem in the area of ​​the body where pain is felt, causes the frequency in this area to be different from normal. The frequency of the painful area has changed. The realignment of this frequency change with the normal in the aching area eliminates the pain.

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With pain therapies; Problems such as headaches, migraine, menstrual pain, low back and back pain, tennis elbow, shoulder joint complaints, knee pain can be relieved with a single session, and long-term wellbeing can be achieved.

Allergy Elimination Sessions 

Allergy is the increase of toxic (and other) loads on the body and the hyperactive state of the immune system. Permanent treatment of allergy depends on the elimination of the main causes that burden the system and make the immune system hyperactive, that is, creating the allergy. This is where resonance comes into play.

Detox Sessions 

Bioresonance detox sessions provide enhancement of bodily energy, decrease in inflammation, heavy metal and toxicity elimination. Since the inflammation is the root of several diseases. These sessions play an important role as a strong prevention of diseases.

Immunity Enhancement Sessions

Immunity enhancement sessions aim to optimize the immune system and keep the endurance at the highest level by eliminating the factors that may decrease immunity.

As the first step, the factors that negatively affect the immunity are determined. The frequency emitted by unhealthy tissues is reversed by the frequency/reverse frequency method and sent back to the body. Encountering frequencies are made to cancel each other out. As a result, harmful factors in the body are eliminated. The healthy frequencies in the fluids produced by the body also strengthen with the Bioresonance. Thus, the immune system is supported.

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