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Partnership with Health Travel

We have partnered with Health Travel, the specialists in tailormade wellness holidays ,to help you kickstart your PAAR plan through a luxury retreat that combines expert support with guidance, classes, nutritious dining and holistic therapies, set in the most captivating destinations. Each retreat is individually curated around your personal needs and health goals, supporting your ongoing journey with PAAR London.

Villa Stéphanie Spa & Wellbeing


Nestled within the charming spa town of Baden-Baden, Villa Stéphanie Spa & Wellbeing is a leading medical spa in Germany. Boasting views across the River Oos and parklands, Villa Stéphanie’s health retreats are spectacularly set, with state-of-the-art treatments and deliciously nutritious dining to kick-start your wellness journey.


Specialisms: Health, detox and weight loss retreats, physiotherapy and medical fitness

Ananda in the Himalayas


Beautifully set in the foothills of the Himalayas, just outside of Rishikesh, Ananda in the Himalayas is India’s leading health and wellness retreat. The 100-acre Maharaja’s Palace is surrounded by calming Sal forests, offering a peaceful haven for ayurveda, vedanta, yoga and more. With ayurvedic doctors, skilled therapists, nutritionists, yogis and chefs, Ananda’s holistic programmes present a refreshing eastern approach to preventative care.

Ananda in the Himalayas - Luxury wellness hotels in Asia - Ayurveda.jpg

Specialisms: Ayurveda, detox, weight management, yoga and meditation, gut health, immunity and stress management

SHA Wellness Clinic


Perched above the Mediterranean coastline in Alicante, SHA Wellness Clinic is Spain’s top medical spa. This luxury escape deep dives into preventative care with specialist doctors and leading specialists in western medicine. SHA Wellness Clinic’s show-stopping dining includes personalised meal plans served up as haute-cuisine, meanwhile the spa and wellness facilities are second-to-none, for a truly transformative escape.

SHA Wellness Clinic - Luxury health retreats in Europe - medical spa.jpg

Specialisms: Healthy ageing, detox, weight loss and rebalancing

Clinique la Prairie


With pioneering treatments that redefine the aesthetic ageing process and transformative detoxes designed by leading scientists, Clinique la Prairie is a groundbreaking medical spa in Switzerland. Set beside Lake Leman just outside the town of Montreux, the clinic’s scientific advances in holistic wellness and targeted medical procedures epitomise why Switzerland is a world leader in healthcare.

Clinique La Praire - luxury medical spa in Switzerland - Health Travel.tif

Specialisms: Beauty stem cell treatment, detox, weight loss, holistic rebalance and longevity, health check-ups

Grand Resort Bad Ragaz


Home to one of Europe’s largest and most impressive spas, the Grand Resort Bad Ragaz is a haven for wellness-seekers. The surrounding thermal spring contains a range of minerals with restorative qualities, supporting health issues such as cardiovascular, rheumatic, metabolic and respiratory conditions. Meanwhile, the panoramic views of the Swiss Alps present a postcard-perfect backdrop to your health retreat.

Grand Resort Bad Ragaz - Wellness Resort Switzerland - Quellenhof King Suite Balkon.jpg

Specialisms: Health checkup, relaxation and restoration, weight loss, detox, sports and fitness, nutrition

Grantley Hall


Tucked away in the picturesque Yorkshire Dales, Grantley Hall is a sweeping country estate with state-of-the-art health and wellness facilities. The Elite Performance Centre welcomes fitness fanatics wishing to improve performance, with cryotherapy, altitude training, underwater treadmills and even 3D body scanners. For those looking for a relaxing break, Three Graces Spa presents an enchanting space to unwind and rejuvenate. 

Grantley Hall - Luxury Wellness Hotel - Yorkshire.jpg

Specialisms: Fitness, mindfulness and relaxation

Euphoria Retreat


Nestled within foothills of Mount Taygetus in the Peloponnese peninsula and backed by a thriving pine forest, Euphoria Retreat is Greece’s most acclaimed luxury wellness retreat. Home to one of the country’s largest spas, including an impressive sphere pool that opens onto views over the valley, this is a superb setting to start a transformative wellness journey. Experience yoga and fitness classes, emotional healing workshops and guided hikes through the mountains for a holistic escape.

Euphoria Retreat - Luxury Wellness Hotels in Greece - Exterior.jpg

Specialisms: Mental health, yoga and meditation, fitness, weight loss and detox

Palazzo Fiuggi


Set in Italy’s rolling countryside, just a short drive from Rome, Palazzo Fiuggi is a remarkable medical spa, tapping into the town of Fiuggi’s naturally healing thermal waters. Specialising in longevity and holistic wellbeing, each retreat has been expertly curated using western medicine and eastern wellness practices, then paired with scientifically proven nutrition plans.


Specialisms: Longevity, healthy ageing, detox, mental health

COMO Shambhala Estate


COMO Shambhala is an exceptional Balinese wellness sanctuary, tucked away in the tropical forests and rice paddies of Ubud. With a 360-degree holistic approach to preventative care and an impressive spa setting beside the Ayung River, this is a deeply reconnecting space for mental and physical rejuvenation. Outside of the programmes, hiking, climbing and exploring Bali’s ancient temples are just some of the ways to discover this irresistible island. 

Como Shambhala - Wellness Resort Bali - Pool Day 1.jpg

Specialisms: Mental health, yoga and meditation, pilates, fitness



The Maldives’ first wellness-dedicated island resort presents luxury retreats among the turquoise lagoons and lush palm-fringed beaches of Bodufushi island. JOALI Being brings together ancient knowledge with modern science within expertly crafted programmes based on the mind, skin, microbiome and energy. With specialised therapies, tailored fitness routines, interactive workshops and plant-based menus, this unique island hideaway offers deeply impactful results.

Joali Being - Health Travel - poolside seating.jpg

Specialisms: Healthy ageing, gut health, yoga and meditation, longevity and mental health

Kamalaya Koh Samui


Kamalaya Koh Samui is a multi-award winning wellness sanctuary and holistic spa with a picturesque private beach along the tropical island of Koh Samui in Thailand. With its ancient mediation cave, thatched-roof villas and cascading waterfalls, Kamalaya’s calming surroundings create a tranquil foundation for your retreat. Programme combine ancient Eastern healing traditions with Western medical research to achieve life-enhancing results.

Kamalaya - Wellness Resort Thailand - Location.jpg

Specialisms: Detox, weight loss, mental health, sleep, gut health, balance, fitness and yoga

Palmaïa, The House of AïA


Palmaïa, The House of AïA is a luxury wellness retreat located in Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Home to exquisitely designed oceanfront suites and all-inclusive programmes with entirely flexible experiences, this is the perfect hideaway for kick-starting a wellness journey. Experience a wealth of spiritual and energising classes and workshops before unwinding in the jungle spa and hidden cenote.


Specialisms: Yoga, meditation, mindfulness, fitness, mental health

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