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Personalise your journey to lifelong wellness with a customised screening prior to your arrival at Kamalaya Koh Samui

Ideal Weight

The assessment supports Kamalaya experts to uniquely tailor your stay to provide personalised nutritional & supplement recommendations to achieve and maintain your ideal weight.

The assessment includes:


  • Wellbeing Questionaire

  • Anti-oxidant & vitamin level test

  • Food intolerance test

  • Mineral balance & toxicity test

  • Gut health/microbiome test

  • Genetic test for nutritional & fitness traits

  • A 30-minute consultation with a PAAR expert

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 £ 1,665.00

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*Please purchase this program 4 weeks prior to your stay to have your results readily available upon your arrival. This program requires urine, finger prick blood, hair, stool and saliva samples.

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