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Discover Your Genetic Blueprint 


Unlock the secrets hidden within your DNA with our Genetic Traits & Predisposition to Diseases Test. This cutting-edge genetic analysis provides you with valuable insights into your unique genetic makeup, shedding light on your individual traits, health predispositions, and ancestral heritage. But that's just the beginning – we take your wellness journey a step further with PAAR. 



  • Genetic Traits Analysis: Uncover fascinating details about yourself through a detailed examination of your genetic traits.


  • Health Predisposition Insights: Foresee potential health challenges by gaining knowledge about your genetic predispositions to various diseases. This information empowers you to take proactive steps towards a healthier lifestyle and personalized healthcare.


  • Ancestry Exploration: Trace your roots and discover your heritage with a comprehensive ancestry analysis. Unearth the migration patterns of your ancestors and connect with your genetic past.


  • PAAR Wellbeing Assessment: Elevate your journey to optimal health with our comprehensive online assessment. Evaluate key aspects of your wellbeing, including nutrition, movement, stress management, detoxification, sleep quality, and energy needs.


  • Cross-Analysis for Holistic Insights: We go beyond genetics by cross-referencing your genetic data with the results from the wellbeing assessment. This holistic approach provides a 360-degree view of your health, offering unparalleled insights into your unique needs.


  • Actionable Recommendations: Receive personalized, actionable recommendations tailored to your genetic makeup and wellbeing assessment results. Empower yourself with practical steps to enhance your wellbeing.


  • Easy and Secure Testing Process: Our user-friendly testing kit ensures a simple and secure collection of your DNA sample from the comfort of your home. Once received, state-of-the-art laboratory processes your sample with the utmost precision and confidentiality.


Genetic Traits & Predisposition to Diseases Test

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