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Introducing Epigenetic & Biological Age Test - the cutting-edge frontier of DNA testing that continuously provides invaluable insights into your ever-evolving health risks. This revolutionary test is a treasure trove of clinically relevant data directly linked to your DNA.


Unlock the secrets of your biological age with unparalleled accuracy, a key biomarker reflecting the pace of your aging journey, all through a simple finger-prick blood sample. Your Epigenetic & Biological Age Test includes a comprehensive wellbeing questionnaire, a personalized assessment, and an exclusive 30-minute consultation with a PAAR expert, ensuring you receive the full spectrum of support and information you need.


Exclusive Epi-Metabolic Index

This groundbreaking finger-prick blood test introduces our innovative Epi-Metabolic Index, a cutting-edge tool designed to quantitatively assess your risk for metabolic diseases. The index is an exclusive feature of the Epigenetic & Biological Age Test, providing you with a holistic understanding of your health.


Epigenetics vs. Genetics

Unlike traditional genetic testing, which is based on unchanging genetic marks established from birth, our test focuses on epigenetics. Epigenetic marks are highly influenced by environmental factors and evolve throughout our lives. This means that your choices, lifestyle, and surroundings can influence your biological age, making it a dynamic and personalized reflection of your health.


Influences on Biological Age

The Epigenetic & Biological Age test explores chemical modifications on DNA, known as methylation marks. A wealth of research suggests that lifestyle and environmental factors, such as stress, exercise, smoking, and diet, can significantly impact these genetic DNA methylation patterns. In essence, your everyday choices have the power to shape the methylation marks on your DNA, ultimately influencing your biological age.


Your Journey to Wellness

Your Epigenetic & Biological Age Test doesn't conclude only with the report. It embraces a holistic approach to your well-being, including a comprehensive well-being assessment, an insightful online questionnaire to capture your unique health concerns, a personalized report teeming with expert recommendations, and a 30-minute consultation with one of our esteemed PAAR experts. It's the ultimate investment in your health and longevity.


Epigenetic & Biological Age Test

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