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Welcome to PAAR wellbeing & longevity assessments!


At PAAR, we are experts in finding out what YOU need to stay younger and healthier for longer. We are excited to partner with KAMALAYA with this goal. 


Now that you booked your program, it is time to further personalise your stay with an assessment done prior to your arrival at Kamalaya.


Below PAAR tests are designed specifically to inform and customise your chosen Kamalaya program.

Please scroll down to find the assessments that matches your Kamalaya program or design your own wellbeing & longevity assessment from the provided list of tests. 


Once you purchase your tests, you will receive a confirmation email informing you when you will get your PAAR tests to your chosen address. Your test will arrive with detailed instructions on how to provide your samples and how to send them back.


Prior to your arrival, your Kamalaya experts will receive your results and personalised recommendations based on your results to tailor a unique program just for you.


These assessments are additional to your purchased Kamalaya program. Please check the timing requirements for each testing to have your results readily available upon arrival.

Resilience & Immunity

Resilience 1.jpg

Enriched Gut

Enriched Gut 2.jpg

Sleep Enhancement

Basic Balance Revitalise 2.jpg

Wellbeing Sabbatical

Resilience 2.jpg

Ideal Weight

Ideal Weight 1.jpg

Intro to Detox

Intro to Detox 1.jpg
Basic Balance Revitalise 1.jpg

Basic Balance & Revitalise

Comprehensive Balance & Revitalise

Comp Balance Revitalise 1.jpg

Basic Detox

Basic Detox 1.jpg

Comprehensive Detox

Asian Bliss 2.jpg

PAAR Signature Programs

Healthy Ageing


Women’s Health

Embracing 2.jpg

Healthy Ageing Intensive

Comp Balance Revitalise 2.jpg
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