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Functional Testing

for Resilience & Immunity

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Personalise your journey to lifelong wellness with a customised screening prior to your arrival at Kamalaya Koh Samui

This assessment provides deeply personalised nutritional and supplement recommendations to support and improve your immune system.

This functional test reveals valuable insight into your health and wellness requirements, provides personalised nutritional and supplement recommendations and allows Kamalaya’s expert professionals to tailor your wellness program based on your results.

The assessment includes:


  • Pre-stay personalised assessment w/questionnaire

  • Anti-oxidant and vitamin levels test (bio-resonance)

  • Food intolerance test

  • Mineral balance and toxicity levels test

  • Gut health/microbiome test

  • Personalised report with your results

  • A 30-minute consultation with a PAAR expert

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 £ 1,599.00

Excluding VAT | Shipping Policy

* This program must be purchased 4 weeks prior to your stay to have your results readily available upon your arrival. This program requires finger prick blood, hair and stool samples.

Optional Add-ons

Our PAAR assessments are designed specifically to inform and customise your chosen Kamalaya wellness program.


Once you purchase your PAAR assessment, you will receive a confirmation email informing you when you will receive your testing kit at your chosen delivery address. Your tests will arrive with detailed instructions on how to provide samples and how to send them back.

Prior to your arrival, if you prefer, Kamalaya will receive your personalised results offering valuable insight into your health and wellness requirements. Based on the findings, the program can be tailored to support your unique biology, genetics and epigenetics, allowing for a more fulfilling wellness experience at the award-winning island retreat.

The assessments are additional to your purchased Kamalaya program. Please check the timing requirements for each program to have your results readily available upon arrival.

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