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Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie Recipe

We are exposed to more toxins and heavy metals than ideal due to industrialisation. They are in the food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breathe and even the clothes we wear. While our body has its inherent elimination system, if we are exposed to more harmful substances than our ancestors due to where we live and our lifestyle, some of these elements can accumulate in our bodies over the time and can lead to health issues. If we are not supporting our body's work with fresh organic food, regular exercise and clean water, we are more likely to experience toxicity.

Toxic heavy metals can cause or contribute to countless health symptoms and conditions. There are a couple of different methods to support elimination of heavy metals. A freshly prepared juice or smoothie, full of antioxidants can support your body’s detoxification process. If you are not a fan of green smoothies, we have an alternative for you!

We love this delicious heavy metal detox smoothie with wild blueberries, from Anthony William. This smoothie is great to draw heavy metals out of your brain tissues, healing and repairing any gaps created by oxidation when the heavy metals are removed.


• 2 cups of frozen wild blueberries

• 1 cup cilantro

• 1 tsp spirulina

• 1 tsp barley grass juice powder

• 1 tbsp Atlantic dulse

• 2 bananas

• 1 orange

• 1 cup water (optional)


Combine the bananas, blueberries, cilantro, barley grass juice powder, spirulina, and dulse with the juice of one orange in a high-speed blender and blend until smooth. Add up to 1 cup of water if a thinner consistency is desired. Serve and enjoy!


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